Use the latest SMS
technology to stay in touch with your customers.

Chances are you have a cell phone with you right now. If you're attempting to collect a debt, your customers probably have one too. Letters get thrown away and phone go ignored, but 96% of text messages are read.  (866) 989-2208

Let's face it, letters and phone calls are expensive and response rates are very low.

GoLiveSMS was created in response to these facts. Together our team has more than four decades of banking and direct marketing experience. We bring that experience to you, enabling you to manage your receivables better, with less expense and more customer response.

For a fraction of the cost, you can notify your customers immediately that you would like to speak with them. Mobile phone users read their messages the instant they arrive, wherever they are and if you choose, they can respond back to you by text.

There is no more efficient method of communication than a text message.

Once you activate the system, it runs 24/7
on your schedule.

You have 100% control over message
content and delivery.

There is no paper, printing or
postage to purchase.

No operator costs or long distance charges.

Completely secure FTP data
management and transfer.

Just one flat fee per message.